Custom Web Development for the Coachella Valley
Screen shot of the truval website developed by Rick Anderson – a highly optimized website that used to be a cow!

This website was originally designed so that it looked good on a desktop computer – and that was it.  Since it’s original development it had been modified by several different developers on at least 3 different continents. Every change was made in the cheapest possible way, such that it looked right but was slow, bloated with extra code and highly error prone.

It was a software developer’s nightmare and it performed very poorly.

When we took it over the goal was to completely redevelop the site keeping its appearance on the desktop the same but making it look good on mobile devices.  So we took out thousands of lines of poorly written or redundant code.  We optimized it so that the pages load in half the time and it gets top marks in web page optimization tests.

If you have a site with a design that you like but that isn’t mobile friendly we can help.  You don’t necessarily need to start from scratch.  We can help.

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