Custom Web Development for the Coachella Valley
Screen shot of website developed by Rick Anderson – a website that helps dyslexic students learn difficult sight words

This website is both an eCommerce site and a membership site.  Customers can buy either physical flash cards or they can purchase access to digital “flash cards”.  Teachers can buy the digital flashcards and then students can log in and practice their words using those cards.

One of the tricks to this is transforming the flash cards into a digital web application.  Yes it is still run by the website, buy once a student logs in it looks just like a typical mobile app.

This website is highly integrated with both Facebook advertising and email marketing.  It has several product specific landing pages with sophisticated tracking so that we know which adds create the best sales.

If you are looking for a website to sell your product or service – even if it involves going beyond a typical website we can help.  If you need to do it, we’ve probably already done it for someone else.

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