Custom Web Development for the Coachella Valley – a mobile friendly eCommerce website

Lanny is an Olympic Gold Medalist and world renown expert in sports psychology.   He’s been writing books, teaching courses and coaching since the 1970’s.  His website sells training materials for a wide variety of sports; from shooting to golf and from dog showing to beauty pageants.

Before the web his was a traditional mail order business.  Now he doesn’t need to pay for advertising in magazines or send out catalogs.  Now everyone can find him and anyone can buy his stuff.

This is a very traditional style eCommerce store.  With products and product categories.  It supports coupons, product bundles and promotional discounts.  It keeps track of inventory and automatically notifies him when stock is running low.  It also automatically creates packing slips, calculates packaging and shipping and prints out shipping labels.

This automation considerably reduces the labor involved in selling his products.

Do you want to sell your products to a wider audience?  Would you like to do that without paying exorbitant fees or working within strict limitations?  If so we can help you get your products online, we’ve done this very thing many many times.

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