Custom Web Development for the Coachella Valley
Screen shot of developed by Rick Anderson – a translation service website with a twist

London Translations has been around for several years.  For most of those years they were diligent in collecting testimonials or reviews from the customers.  They wanted a website that would tie their hundreds of testimonials to their many services. They wanted to automatically match testimonials to the pages that discuss they types of translations and or the languages translated.

In other words, if you are on the legal documents page and are interested in English to French translations you will see testimonials from satisfied customers who had legal documents translated from English to French.

In the technical terms of a web developer it is a complex Content Management System that links different types of content by shared characteristics and then displays them together.

Have you been told that you need a CMS for your website?  Do you have a bunch of different types of content that somehow need to be linked together?  We can do it.  Give us a call.

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